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WebSummit Lisbon 2023: A Dive into Educational Innovation and Technology

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The WebSummit Lisbon 2023, known as one of the world's leading technology and innovation events, took place between November 13th and 16th in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal. This international meeting, held at the Altice Arena, brought together over 70,000 participants from more than 160 countries, consolidating itself as a global stage for discussions about the future of the technology industry.

Diversity of Topics and Meeting with Football Icons

The diversity and richness of the topics covered were remarkable. The event stood out for its approach to crucial areas such as artificial intelligence, sustainability, digital media consumption patterns, and even leisure moments with iconic figures from Brazilian football, like Roberto Carlos and Gilberto Silva, who shared their stories.

Artificial Intelligence as an Educational Tool

One of the central focuses of the WebSummit was the intersection between technology and education, a theme of growing relevance in the current scenario. In-depth discussions about the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in education captured attention, especially in the context of basic education in developing countries. Artificial intelligence was seen as a "Cyborg," enhancing the assertive movements of students and teachers, making the educational process more robust and efficient.

Gamoteca and Innovation in Education

The Gamoteca by entrepreneur Atish stood out, an innovative platform for creating mixed reality learning games, reflecting the potential of new technologies in the educational field.

Networking and Strategic Partnerships

Besides being a platform for knowledge exchange, the event was fertile ground for networking. Over 340 partners, a thousand speakers, and 2,500 startups were present, creating an ideal environment for professional and personal exchanges, with dedicated spaces like the Night Summit, VIP rooms, and pre-scheduled meetings with investors.

Highlight to Speakers and Diverse Programming

Among the renowned speakers were Scott Galloway, professor and presenter; António Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal; Aidan Gomez, CEO of Cohere; Nick Clegg, from Meta; and many others, all sharing valuable insights and innovative experiences. The programming was extensive and varied, including talks, masterclasses by experts, meeting spaces, specific content for investors, and an investor lounge, demonstrating WebSummit's commitment to the dissemination of innovative ideas.

WebSummit in the Media's View

The event, described as "Glastonbury for geeks" by The Guardian and "the world's largest technology conference" by the Financial Times, fulfilled its promise of being an extraordinary experience for both technology enthusiasts and professionals.

Reflections on the Future of Technology and Education

In summary, WebSummit Lisbon 2023 was a resounding success, marking an essential meeting point for everyone involved in the dynamic world of technology and innovation, with a special focus on the educational technology sector. An immersive journey where one could glimpse the future of technology, education, and global innovation.

The Disparity in the Startup Ecosystem

Interestingly, despite the growing focus on education and technology, the number of GenTechs and FinTechs still significantly outnumbers EdTechs, a market in need of new solutions. This scenario highlights the importance and potential of EdTechs in events like WebSummit.

Participation of Rocas Tech in WebSummit Lisbon 2023

In addition to the numerous attractions and innovative discussions, WebSummit Lisbon 2023 was also a stage for the notable participation of Rocas Tech, one of the Impact Startups selected for the event's program. This program aims to recognize and highlight startups within their network that are committed to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Rocas Tech, being chosen for this program, demonstrated its commitment to innovating towards the 17 UN goals, contributing to a more sustainable and better world.

Being selected for this program is considered a great honor, reflecting the significant impact and innovation potential that Rocas Tech brings to the sector. Their participation in WebSummit not only reinforced their role as an agent of positive change in the world of technology and sustainability but also provided a platform to share their innovative ideas and solutions with a global audience.


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