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by Rocas Tech

Transform your institution with Edulytics, your partner in educational business intelligence and growth. Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making and maximize your institution's potential.

Why Choose Edulytics for Your Institution's BI?


Increase Conversion, Progress, and LTV

Harness the power of data to optimize conversion rates, track progress, and enhance customer lifetime value (LTV). Gain insights into user behavior, engagement, and satisfaction, enabling you to make data-backed decisions that drive growth.


Cost Management and

Staff Performance

Identify cost-saving opportunities and improve staff performance through data-driven insights and analysis. Streamline operations, allocate resources effectively, and empower your staff to excel in their roles


Comprehensive Monitoring

and Growth

Monitor acquisition, retention, performance, and satisfaction metrics in one centralized platform. Identify growth opportunities, implement strategic initiatives, and track progress towards your institution's goals.

Why Choose Rocas for Your BI Solution?


Edulytics Report

Your intitution's data with pre-set reports, made specially for you, and delivered in the frequency you choose.


Edulytics Live

For institutions that have different needs within their teams and need to see everything in real time.


Performance Hub

Your own Rocas Tech BI Manager, analysing your institutions data and providing you with valuable insights and information.


My Edulytics

Robust and integrated BI. Gather information from your LMS, ERP and whatever else you need, in a custom-made solution.

Edulytics for D2L

Automate and integrate your BI processes seamlessly with your D2L platform. Experience the power of personalized dashboards tailored to your institution's D2L consumption, unlocking valuable insights for growth.

At RocasTech, we are passionate about revolutionizing learning design and empowering educational institutions to thrive in the digital age. Contact us today to explore how our services can transform your learning ecosystem and foster your success.

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